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Frequently Asked Questions



What if I need to add,cancel or modify service?


We understand life is hectic and schedules change! All we ask is that you provide ample notice so that we can make the needed schedule adjustments to properly serve you as well as those before and after you. Please email us at with any schedule changes. If you find yourself in a last minute situation please call or text your walker directly.  If service is cancelled on the day of a scheduled visit you will be billed for that session unless otherwise agreed upon.


Can I choose a specific time for my dog to be cared for?


It is our sincere goal to accommodate each clients schedule and requests for specific times.  Traditionally, we ask all our clients to work with us to find a general time frame that would best suit your pooch and your daily schedule. Many existing clients will request a window of time (ex: 1-2p.m.) they feel will work for them and their pooch. As we strive to to keep client's smiling and tails wagging we do our best to leave ample time for unexpected occurrences and schedule shifts and found this method works out much better for many of our clients.


Will I have an assigned dog walker? Do you screen your walkers?


We do our best to assign our walkers to a regular route but may need to change out or subsitute walkers from time to time and we will be sure to communicate this to you.  Every walker completes a full background and reference check and you will meet your walker personally before commencement of services or change thereof.


What Forms of Payment Do You Accept? When is payment due?


We accept, cash, debit/credit or check and will provide receipt upon request. We ask that all payments be made on Thursday Night/ Friday in order to continue regular service for our weekly clients. Payment is due the day of service for clients who utilize services sporadically.  All credit/debit cards are processed by Square Cash a product of Square or VENMO.


Will you bring in my mail or packages left outside my home?


Due to liability reasons we generally refrain from handling mail or packages delivered to your home. However, through written consent by the home owner we are more then happy to move packages into your home so they are safe and kept from inclement weather.


What is your policy for inclement weather?


We will always work to get to your pooch no matter the conditions. However, there are instances where the weather has either slowed service or restricted us from getting to clients. If this is the case we will notify you and work to find a solution. In the event of extremely cold temperatures,heavy rains or winds we will do our best to make sure your pooch handles their business and all play and social time will be completed indoors for the safety of both your pet and our staff.


How Do I Communicate with M&W Canine? 


We encourage all major schedule and service changes be done through our client portal powered by Time To Pet. Phone and text are welcomed for regular on going communication through out the week to see how your pooch is doing.


Do you offer service for nights, weekends or holidays?

We will consider all requests for service outside of our regular business hours which are from nine to five Monday through Friday on a case by case basis. Additional fee may be assessed.

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